A new look is so easy

COLOUR, decor and practicality are all strong features that a stylish kitchen should have but if you feel your kitchen lacks some of these don’t despair — you’re not alone. Interior decorator Jacqueline Van Zyl, of Mystique Interiors, is all too familiar with the 1970s-style kitchen with apricot coloured walls and believes the wrong look can really affect the feel of a home. The problem can be solved simply by adding a little colour and some modern decor pieces.

“This season kitchens should be complemented with lighter colours including snow tones and neutral colours,” she said. “The great thing about using neutral colours is that practically any style of decor you want in your kitchen will match, leaving you with millions of options and fewer limitations than if you chose a bright colour.”

A little bit of colour on the walls is not the only way to keep a kitchen looking super modern. A few cupboard changes can also make a big difference, like going for a satin finish on your doors. If make-over sounds like it could involve too much work, you could consider asking for professional help. Experts can help boost the appearance of your home by making over your kitchen, bathroom, carpets, blinds, paint and lights and even help arrange finance all for as little as $17,000.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

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Budget Win

WHEN will we stop hearing about the loss or lack of money – and especially about blow-out budgets! Well right now, actually, because here is a story of a happy-ending budget which has left everyone smiling – and a tad surprised. It started with a retired couple in Loftus who wanted to update their 50-year-old red-brick home. They called interior decorator Jacqueline Van Zyl of Mystique Interior Design and gave her a wish list – together with their budget, which was $60,000. “They saw an article in the newspaper outlining a project I had completed for another client and told me they would very much like the same work done,” Jacqueline said. “But after seeing their home I thought it would be impossible to keep this project under $60,000. However, I really wanted to achieve this request as it meant a lot to the owners. And we actually made budget. The house got a new lease on life and the owners a far better lifestyle. She told me her husband was not very well now and that they really had to do without a lot over the years.”

Jaqueline said the biggest challenge of the project was resolving issues with tradespeople. “We had a massive disruption with the plumbers and had to urgently call for back-up,” Jacqueline said. Another problem was creating a 1200-millimetre opening in the wall from the lounge room to the kitchen as well as getting the work finished within the specified time. “While the kitchen went in in one day, my biggest concern was the bathroom,” Jacqueline said. “After all, you can always go out to dinner but you can’t expect people to do without their bathroom and loo for long. All up, the entire project took eight weeks.” The Loftus couple love their “new” home, which looks bigger and much more modern. The choice of downlights gives the home the appearance of extra height and the light paint colours perfectly support its new decor and style.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Here’s what the Loftus couple wished for A new kitchen; new tiles on kitchen floor and dining area; new stainless-steel appliances; new paint work throughout the house; new downlights; new vertical blinds throughout the house; new tiles in hallway going into the new bathroom; new bathroom complete with glass bricks windows, new porcelain vanity, frameless shower screen and new bath with new stainless-steel handles (easy to get in and out), wall tiles from floor to ceiling with a strip of chocolate mosaic feature, a polyurethane vanity cabinet, new heat light; new toilet (separate room) and tiles from floor to ceiling with a new trendy soft-closing lid (ideal for men); new air-conditioning; new custom-made leather lounge; tow new ceiling fans as well as new carpets in the bedrooms; anew front door.

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Style Stimulus

We all know about the government’s stimulus package. Well here is more good news – the revamp package to stimulate your lifestyle courtesy of Jacqueline Van Zyl of Mystique Interior Design. For any renovation order placed before Christmas clients will receive a free colour consultation worth $500 and for kitchen renovation clients will receive a free stainless steel appliance package consisting of a slide out range hood, under bench oven and hot plate valued at $1000. Jacqueline has just completed a home renovation for a business couple in Hurstville who had this to say about the project “We could not be more impressed and happier with Jacqueline’s modem ideas and the work she has done. You could not find anyone more committed to her profession. She has proved to be exceptional in the way she takes the load off the client and makes sure every detail of the work is carried out to perfection. By the end of the make-over we felt we had a new home. The renovation has completely changed our lifestyle.”

THE Hurstville home was very much in need of a make-over. At first the owners were interested in having the home re-vamped for the purpose of selling it. Here’s their wish list which Jacqueline turned into reality: New kitchen, new stainless steel appliances, new tile floor in kitchen area, repolish existing timber floors, new carpets in all other rooms – including three bedrooms, dining room and a small sitting room, new blinds for all windows, painting all interior walls, new lights, new stainless steel door handles, refurbished bathroom. The home consisted of four bedrooms,”

Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design

Jacqueline said. “But the very front bedroom did not feel right to me. It was also treated a little like a junk room. So I turned it into a small, informal sitting area which then opened into the main, now larger, living area. The small family room off the kitchen was turned into a formal dining room and the very back room was turned into an open plan family area. This simple re-formatting made the home look more spacious delivered more living areas and gave the home more balance.” Jacqueline helped the Hurstville couple make smart choices for the paint work as well. Half-strength beige was chosen for all the walls to open up and brighten the home. This colour suited the new look flooring (which went from a plain stain to a high gloss), the beige quarter-strength window frames and the new stain-resistant, latte-shade carpet. “We also replaced all the furniture and introduced some beautiful leather lounges,” Jacqueline said. “One of the most satisfying results about this renovation was how much more stylish, functional and inviting the entire house became.” There was also work done on the outside. The front yard was cleaned up, white pebbles put down to make the garden look bigger while low border hedges gave the area a formal look. Now here is the amazing part. The total renovations project (excluding the furniture and garden work) came to $47,000. The real estate agent who was unable to sell the property before the renovation said that he could now easily sell it for $60,000 to $70,000 more. But now the owners have decided to enjoy the makeover and stay right where they are for a few more years.

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Don’t Relocate: Just Renovate

Whoever introduced the phrase: “a picture’s worth a thousand words” must have really wanted to say “you’ve got to see it to believe it”. Interior designer and consultant Jacqueline Van Zyl of Mystique Interior Design has just finished a $65,000 renovation on a three-bedroom townhouse in Taren Point. The owners were amazed at not only how much they saved – the next best quote they received was $100,000!- but feel they have gained a brand-new home with a real estate value that has soared. “I’m finding more and more people who’re opting for renovations rather than relocating,” Ms Van Zyl said. “It’s probably a sign of the economic climate.”

Most renovations include kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations, repainting, creating an open-plan living area at the back of the house and often knocking down part of walls to install bigger windows or glass doors. Ms Van Zyl said her main challenge with the Taren Point house was to keep the Federation look on the outside to comply with the body corporate while modernising its interior.

Kitchen Renovation in Sydney

Kitchen Renovation

Here’s how the magic came together:

• New latte coloured floor tiles which complemented the light beige walls flow from lounge to dining to kitchen and an adjoining laundry;

• The tiles joined up with the staircase with a lotto textured carpet;

• All window frames and staircase were painted in an off white;

• The kitchen got a totally new look with beige high gloss paint, stainless-steel appliances (including a no-lid sink) and there was CaesarStone for all becnhtops and breakfast bar dropside, dark latte glass splashback, undercover downlights;

• Daring bathroom makeover using four different tiles – latte on floor, large semi-gloss marble look-a-like on the first bottom row on walls, chocolate-coloured mosaic border tiles, large flat off-white plain tiles to the ceiling. Frameless clear glass shower screens, poly vanities and self-closing toilet seats;

• Old roses on ceilings throughout the townhouse were replaced with downlights;

• Storage area under the stairs was converted into a bar complete with wine fridge;

• Turning the old fireplace into a striking and functional gas unit;

• Block-out roller blinds on all windows.

Ms Van Zyl said that her major obstacle was not knowing what she would find out when tradesmen slatted to rip out the tiles and walls. “These are the sorts of problems which can incur delays and sometimes extra costs,” she said.

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A Real Style Child

We all love to go window shopping for furniture, electrical appliances and outdoor settings — in fact, we like everything that makes our home feel more comfortable and look more stylish. Regrettably, all too often, this is as far as our home shopping goes — but not because we’re worried about our budgets. Thanks to so much competition in the marketplace, home goods of all descriptions have never been more affordable. For most people, the reason they baulk at buying a dining suite or a kitchen setting is because there is almost too much choice and people simply can’t handle the drama of choosing exactly what will suit their home best — style and colour-wise.

The next problem is how to best present their purchases once they get them home. Here’s how you can solve your problems all at once. Get hold of a good interior decorator who will not only advise you on what to choose but also how to show off everything to your home’s best advantage. Particularly if you need to tackle a major project — like revamping your kitchen or bathroom or repainting and refurbishing your entire home —you need professional advice which you can easily afford.

In the long run, a good interior decorator will also help you add thousands of dollars to the value of your home because all the choices you’ve made will be the right ones. Interior decorator and stylist Jacqueline Van Zyl, owner of Mystique Interior Design and Decorating, said she doesn’t blame people for holding members of her industry at arm’s length. “All too often, an interior decorator would come to someone’s home and advise what is the best colour to put on the walls and then go away,” Jacqueline said. “This is not good enough: when I get called for a colour consultation I also suggest how to rearrange the room when it’s freshly painted, perhaps suggest an item for a focal point such as a painting or a floor lamp.” Jacqueline also believes in taking care of basics first and then building up from there. “I never speak to clients as if I had a silver spoon in my mouth,” she said. “Whether they can afford thousands or only hundreds of dollars, people deserve to get good, practical and realistic advice — not hifalutin’ ideas which may not even work for them.” Continue reading

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Home Renovation – A Few Handy Tips and Ideas

Home renovation is an important undertaking among home owners. It is a great way of giving your home a new look while also proving the perfect opportunity to increase its value. It can be time consuming and can turn out to be really expensive once it is not planned carefully. On the other hand, a well-planned home renovation, no matter how simple, can change the look and feel of your home. Before you take the plunge and embark on a home renovation project, there are certain things you need to consider to ensure that you will achieve the desired result in less cost. Below are a few handy tips and ideas you can use when renovating your home.

Know your purpose. Why exactly are you renovating your home in the first place? Whether you simply want to renovate to keep abreast with the latest designs or you intend to make your home a more valuable investment, having a purpose in mind will certainly provide a lot of help when identifying all that needs to be done. When you have zeroed in on the purpose, try to stick to it or else you may find yourself working more and paying huge bills.

Planning is the key. Jumping hastily into a home renovation project is a big mistake. If you fail to plan, it is more likely that you’ll end up spending more and you may not be satisfied with the final outcome of your project. The rule of thumb is to plan twice and renovate once. In most instances, the best thing to do is seek the help of home renovation experts to help you come up with a list of improvements that your house really need. You must also carefully consider how the renovation work will affect your daily life, particularly if you have a large family.

Strictly follow regulations. Try to contact the local authorities and get information about the rules and regulations governing home renovations. It is imperative that you be aware of all these and strictly follow them to ensure that you won’t run into any hassles and headaches during the renovation. You must also take note and follow specific power, water and other pertinent regulations to avert any complications. If you are not certain or if you have doubts about the information you gathered, it is best to consult the experts in this field.

Work closely with a home renovation company. Bear in mind that even though you hired the services of professionals, you should always remain on top of things. This means you need to be actively involved in the entire process and communicate your expectations clearly. Work closely with the company during the planning stage, in finalising the designs, in shopping around for fittings and other important matters.

These are just a few important tips you can use. You can obtain more information and expert advice from professionals. However, make sure you do a background check on the home renovation company if you intend to engage their services. Browse through their previous works to be certain that you’ll get your money’s worth.

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Kitchen Renovation

Because a significant amount of time is spent on the kitchen, it is important to keep it as pleasant as possible. This is where kitchen renovation comes into the picture. There are a lot of benefits associated with kitchen renovation. For one, it can potentially create a creative atmosphere that will make you even more excited about cooking! Aside from this, the kitchen will become a space that’s convenient to work in – enabling you to come up with a lot of delectable dishes for the family.

But before all these benefits can be realised, there are certain aspects you need to consider when choosing a kitchen renovation company. Among the most important things to keep in mind include:

  • Reputation of the Firm – does the kitchen renovation company you’re interested in have positive client feedback and a strong reputation in the industry? If there is an apparent lack of feedback, it may be because the company is quite new. In this case, it might be better to consult with their designer or contractor to gauge the firm’s expertise.
  • Price of the Service – if you want the best, then it is usually necessary to pay for it. Fortunately, not all kitchen renovation companies charge astronomical rates. And many of these firms are quite good. Just choose a designer or contractor that you’re comfortable in working with.
  • Timeframe of the Work – renovating one part of your home can cause some level of disruption in the entire house. Of course, it is understandable that you want kitchen renovation to be finished as quickly as possible. How realistic are your expectations? If you’re unsure, try to ask for a delivery timetable from several companies to get a rough idea of how long it will take (usually depends on the size of the kitchen and specific design requirements).
  • Company Portfolio – go with a firm that has excellent portfolio. Be sure to browse through their past work to find out about the company’s work ethic and sense of design. If you’re happy with what you see and if the firm has solid feedback, it might be time to get on with the work.

Kitchen renovation can be very stressful especially because most homeowners feel that they need to see the work in progress. Likewise, the renovation work disrupts regular activity in the house. In most cases, the entire family also needs to dine out because they are unable to eat home-cooked meals. But at the end of the day, all these hassles will be worth it if you choose the right kitchen renovation company.

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Bathroom Design – Popular Styles

Stylish bathrooms were virtually non-existent until a couple of decades ago. Bathrooms used to be detached from the rest of the house and were constructed outside until recently. Others were simply a tub and buckets of water positioned in front of the living room fire. Over the years the bathroom has evolved as one of the most important rooms in the house. What we have now is an explosion of bathroom design ideas, each one tends to reflect the lifestyle of the homeowner. Here are some of the more popular styles in the realm of bathroom design.

The traditional bathroom features either the Edwardian and Victorian style or the standard white bathroom of the 80’s which is highlighted by white sanitary ware and bath throughout the room. The traditional style is also reminiscent of stately bathrooms with a chandelier, a ridge bath and a wooden finish to complete the majestic look. The traditional design is perfect for private cottages and villas as they allow you to have a self-indulgent experience.

The country style bathroom is probably the simplest design to create. However, it is important to note that the design must blend seamlessly into the theme of the house. In general, the classic country look goes well with high beams, a bath canopy and floral wallpaper. Just like the traditional design, deep ridged sanitary ware and cast iron baths give the country bathroom its sappy appeal. Wood is an integral part of this look, and most types of furniture blends well in this particular setting. Floral or plaid curtains are also used to add to the country effect.

A bathroom design that is increasingly gaining popularity is the ‘shabby chic’, though it can be a bit tough to create. It takes a bold decision to opt for this style. It’s quite versatile as you can use any combination of bathroom fixtures in it. The bathroom designer is free to do anything he/she wants with the available space, so it is basically a highly subjective way of designing. The secret to decoration is the use of neutral colours with a few dark tones. You can use check or floral patterned wallpapers although flat or matte wall paints are also often used. This bathroom design works well in a continental home, either a classic Spanish villa or a French chateau.

Modern bathroom design is all about maximizing the space you have. It takes into account the space constraint and tries to give a sense of luxury in the minimal space available. This is precisely the reason why fitted bathroom suites are all the rage these days. The design reduces clutter with the help of sleek wall-mounted vanity units and cabinets that expand the visual space of the room. Shower baths and walk-in showers are popular features of the modern bathroom design. Chrome and stainless steel are the preferred materials so go for fixtures and appliances that incorporate them in their design. Finally, don’t hesitate to use bold colours with your paints and tiles, just try to get the right contrast with the chrome accents. While is acceptable to use curtains with subtle colours and prints, it is generally recommended to go for stylish roller blinds.

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Kitchen Renovations – Make It Stylish!

Working and serving your family in a stylish, perfect, well equipped kitchen is every person dream but over the time very few have been able to accomplish this dream. Most home owner consider kitchen decoration and refurbishment a headache task but you do not have to get stressed any more, mystique interior design will provides you with practical and simple kitchen renovation procedures to ensure you will always enjoy your time in the kitchen. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a splendid kitchen space; we ensure the money you have will be enough to decorate and renovate your kitchen to modern luxurious designs.

To ensure you are at the range of perfect and smooth kitchen renovation program, we assist our client by providing them with cost estimates according to the selected kitchen design; when you have the correct budget estimate you will be able to allocate the required items enough money i.e. you will know how much painting, appliances, lighting and flooring will cost. At this pace you will be able to renovate your kitchen efficiently. Secondly our professional interior designer will work hand in hand with you to ensure the strategies and plan you have for your kitchen is implemented without loop holes at any stage. This ensures the work is done within the set timeline and no cost increment is caused due to some unattended issues coming up later in the project.

After we have your kitchen renovation plan we help our client to setup a small kitchen where he will be doing his core duties during the renovation period. We also help you to arrange some of your kitchen appliances safely to avoid damage. You do not need to worry about dust, that’s why we are called professional interior designers; we shall have a net that will seal our working area therefore preventing dust from spreading to other areas in your house. Kitchen renovation involves making over the whole kitchen design, therefore you shall miss your comfort for few days and to avoid this you may need to minimize your kitchen activities like washing utensil and cooking by buying disposable utensils and cooking grains and keeping them refrigerated.

Mystique interior design and decorating will complete your kitchen renovation within the timeline stipulated and avoid any delay at all times, our staff will make the stay at your home as comfortable and safe as you want. Kitchen renovation may not be smooth as many would say but with us your design is our dream.

I you are looking forward to renovate your kitchen choose the right people for the right job. We are the Australia kitchen renovation company of choice, contact Mystique Interior Design for more information.

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Why Hire Professional Interior Designers?

Are you looking for ways to increase space in your small room, limited space does not mean you are limited to options? All you need is a professional interior designer; you got the right people for the right job.

We at Mystique Interior Design will provide you with perfect solution to solve your problem; we make what you want from what you have no matter the situation. Our skillful interior designers have devised a simple plan to help you create room from your limited space;

At any given time, you should put what is needed where at the right place; this can only be achieved by arranging your item on shelves, bags and boxes. Since now you know what is placed where, you have enough space to place extra items in your room. Secondly, letting in more light to your room have been known to increase space, in that you increase the visibility of every item. One of the option interior designers prefers is to free windows by using shades, blinds or even shutters. To compliment your room décor we insist to have your blind designed by fabric, if you do not have one we provide some at very affordable rates.

Another option to increase space to your is to color your room purposely, that is painting your walls using one color or similar family color, this will expand your positioning and therefore accommodating more; another very important interior design aspect used in conjunction with coloring is polishing your furniture often; by doing this you maximize reflection thus more lighting in your house.

Mystique Interior Design will ensure nothing is left unturned to perfect your room décor, as we advance, we have always advised that use your fabrics according to your taste but make sure the furniture are given some solid aspect, that is; toning your colors with some slip covers. After that you are now provided with option to add more fabric variety to room to create visual depth and harmony.

You shall have fun by incorporating Mystique Interior Design in your design project at all time. For more information contact Mystique Interior Design.
For Free initial consultation call 0412 72 36 88

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