Bathroom Design – Popular Styles

Stylish bathrooms were virtually non-existent until a couple of decades ago. Bathrooms used to be detached from the rest of the house and were constructed outside until recently. Others were simply a tub and buckets of water positioned in front of the living room fire. Over the years the bathroom has evolved as one of the most important rooms in the house. What we have now is an explosion of bathroom design ideas, each one tends to reflect the lifestyle of the homeowner. Here are some of the more popular styles in the realm of bathroom design.

The traditional bathroom features either the Edwardian and Victorian style or the standard white bathroom of the 80’s which is highlighted by white sanitary ware and bath throughout the room. The traditional style is also reminiscent of stately bathrooms with a chandelier, a ridge bath and a wooden finish to complete the majestic look. The traditional design is perfect for private cottages and villas as they allow you to have a self-indulgent experience.

The country style bathroom is probably the simplest design to create. However, it is important to note that the design must blend seamlessly into the theme of the house. In general, the classic country look goes well with high beams, a bath canopy and floral wallpaper. Just like the traditional design, deep ridged sanitary ware and cast iron baths give the country bathroom its sappy appeal. Wood is an integral part of this look, and most types of furniture blends well in this particular setting. Floral or plaid curtains are also used to add to the country effect.

A bathroom design that is increasingly gaining popularity is the ‘shabby chic’, though it can be a bit tough to create. It takes a bold decision to opt for this style. It’s quite versatile as you can use any combination of bathroom fixtures in it. The bathroom designer is free to do anything he/she wants with the available space, so it is basically a highly subjective way of designing. The secret to decoration is the use of neutral colours with a few dark tones. You can use check or floral patterned wallpapers although flat or matte wall paints are also often used. This bathroom design works well in a continental home, either a classic Spanish villa or a French chateau.

Modern bathroom design is all about maximizing the space you have. It takes into account the space constraint and tries to give a sense of luxury in the minimal space available. This is precisely the reason why fitted bathroom suites are all the rage these days. The design reduces clutter with the help of sleek wall-mounted vanity units and cabinets that expand the visual space of the room. Shower baths and walk-in showers are popular features of the modern bathroom design. Chrome and stainless steel are the preferred materials so go for fixtures and appliances that incorporate them in their design. Finally, don’t hesitate to use bold colours with your paints and tiles, just try to get the right contrast with the chrome accents. While is acceptable to use curtains with subtle colours and prints, it is generally recommended to go for stylish roller blinds.

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