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We all love to go window shopping for furniture, electrical appliances and outdoor settings — in fact, we like everything that makes our home feel more comfortable and look more stylish. Regrettably, all too often, this is as far as our home shopping goes — but not because we’re worried about our budgets. Thanks to so much competition in the marketplace, home goods of all descriptions have never been more affordable. For most people, the reason they baulk at buying a dining suite or a kitchen setting is because there is almost too much choice and people simply can’t handle the drama of choosing exactly what will suit their home best — style and colour-wise.

The next problem is how to best present their purchases once they get them home. Here’s how you can solve your problems all at once. Get hold of a good interior decorator who will not only advise you on what to choose but also how to show off everything to your home’s best advantage. Particularly if you need to tackle a major project — like revamping your kitchen or bathroom or repainting and refurbishing your entire home —you need professional advice which you can easily afford.

In the long run, a good interior decorator will also help you add thousands of dollars to the value of your home because all the choices you’ve made will be the right ones. Interior decorator and stylist Jacqueline Van Zyl, owner of Mystique Interior Design and Decorating, said she doesn’t blame people for holding members of her industry at arm’s length. “All too often, an interior decorator would come to someone’s home and advise what is the best colour to put on the walls and then go away,” Jacqueline said. “This is not good enough: when I get called for a colour consultation I also suggest how to rearrange the room when it’s freshly painted, perhaps suggest an item for a focal point such as a painting or a floor lamp.” Jacqueline also believes in taking care of basics first and then building up from there. “I never speak to clients as if I had a silver spoon in my mouth,” she said. “Whether they can afford thousands or only hundreds of dollars, people deserve to get good, practical and realistic advice — not hifalutin’ ideas which may not even work for them.”

Ms Van Zyl’s services have been sought after by home owners as well as corporate and real estate management because she offers a total design concept. “Even if I do one room, I need to make its decor, mood and colour flow into adjoining rooms,” she said. “Most importantly, I have tradespeople who take care of everything so the home owner or real estate manager doesn’t need to chase anyone up. Nor do I think my job is finished when the tradespeople take over: I don’t walk away until the client tells me they are totally satisfied with the finished project.”

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