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WHEN will we stop hearing about the loss or lack of money – and especially about blow-out budgets! Well right now, actually, because here is a story of a happy-ending budget which has left everyone smiling – and a tad surprised. It started with a retired couple in Loftus who wanted to update their 50-year-old red-brick home. They called interior decorator Jacqueline Van Zyl of Mystique Interior Design and gave her a wish list – together with their budget, which was $60,000. “They saw an article in the newspaper outlining a project I had completed for another client and told me they would very much like the same work done,” Jacqueline said. “But after seeing their home I thought it would be impossible to keep this project under $60,000. However, I really wanted to achieve this request as it meant a lot to the owners. And we actually made budget. The house got a new lease on life and the owners a far better lifestyle. She told me her husband was not very well now and that they really had to do without a lot over the years.”

Jaqueline said the biggest challenge of the project was resolving issues with tradespeople. “We had a massive disruption with the plumbers and had to urgently call for back-up,” Jacqueline said. Another problem was creating a 1200-millimetre opening in the wall from the lounge room to the kitchen as well as getting the work finished within the specified time. “While the kitchen went in in one day, my biggest concern was the bathroom,” Jacqueline said. “After all, you can always go out to dinner but you can’t expect people to do without their bathroom and loo for long. All up, the entire project took eight weeks.” The Loftus couple love their “new” home, which looks bigger and much more modern. The choice of downlights gives the home the appearance of extra height and the light paint colours perfectly support its new decor and style.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Here’s what the Loftus couple wished for A new kitchen; new tiles on kitchen floor and dining area; new stainless-steel appliances; new paint work throughout the house; new downlights; new vertical blinds throughout the house; new tiles in hallway going into the new bathroom; new bathroom complete with glass bricks windows, new porcelain vanity, frameless shower screen and new bath with new stainless-steel handles (easy to get in and out), wall tiles from floor to ceiling with a strip of chocolate mosaic feature, a polyurethane vanity cabinet, new heat light; new toilet (separate room) and tiles from floor to ceiling with a new trendy soft-closing lid (ideal for men); new air-conditioning; new custom-made leather lounge; tow new ceiling fans as well as new carpets in the bedrooms; anew front door.

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