A new look is so easy

COLOUR, decor and practicality are all strong features that a stylish kitchen should have but if you feel your kitchen lacks some of these don’t despair — you’re not alone. Interior decorator Jacqueline Van Zyl, of Mystique Interiors, is all too familiar with the 1970s-style kitchen with apricot coloured walls and believes the wrong look can really affect the feel of a home. The problem can be solved simply by adding a little colour and some modern decor pieces.

“This season kitchens should be complemented with lighter colours including snow tones and neutral colours,” she said. “The great thing about using neutral colours is that practically any style of decor you want in your kitchen will match, leaving you with millions of options and fewer limitations than if you chose a bright colour.”

A little bit of colour on the walls is not the only way to keep a kitchen looking super modern. A few cupboard changes can also make a big difference, like going for a satin finish on your doors. If make-over sounds like it could involve too much work, you could consider asking for professional help. Experts can help boost the appearance of your home by making over your kitchen, bathroom, carpets, blinds, paint and lights and even help arrange finance all for as little as $17,000.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

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